Chart 1 Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms Used on Charts

Chart 1

Due to the availability of Chart 1: Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms as both printable PDF files and HTML format on, the Canadian Hydrographic Service is permanently discontinuing the printing of Chart 1: Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms starting January 2021. Advances in technology bring a new era of marine navigation with a focus on digital and electronic products. The Canadian Hydrographic Service is transforming the way it delivers quality data and services to clients, in a timely manner, to support decision-making.

Chart 1 is a publication containing explanations of the symbols, abbreviations and terms needed to interpret nautical charts published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service. Member nations of the International Hydrographic Organization produce Chart 1 using a common format. That common format consists of sections identified by letters and symbols, abbreviations or terms identified by a reference number.

  • Please be advised that if you intend to print from the PDF the size expands substantially when uncompressed en-route to the printer.
  • Note on Printing: Due to the importance of colour in symbology printing in black and white only is strongly discouraged. Colour laser and ink jet printers are recommended.
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