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Canadian Chart 1 Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms

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Chart Number, Title, Marginal Notes - Section A

Schematic layout of a chart

Federal Signature

Canada Wordmark

Chart number in national chart series

Identification of a latticed chart (if any)

Chart number in international chart series

Publication note (imprint)

Copyright note

Edition note

Small correction note

Corner coordinates


Reproductions of international charts of other nations (facsimile) have the seals of original producers (left), publisher (centre) and the IHO (right). National charts have the national seal only.

Title block of chart: includes Seal, Regional identification, Main title, Scale, Projection, Depths, Elevations, Horizontal datum, Sources and reference to Chart 1.

Other explanatory notes

Conversion Table is only shown on imperial charts

Source Data Diagram (if any). To the attention of the mariners: caution is required in the inadequately surveyed areas.

Linear scale on large scale chart

Reference to a largerscale chart

Reference to an inset

Reference to an adjoining chart of similar scale

Metric identifier

Web address

CHS Slogan

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