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Canadian Chart 1 Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms

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Ports - Section F

SNS a,b

Harbour Installations

Ref. IHO Symbology Description CHS Symbology
10 Fishing harbour
11.1 Boat Harbour, Marina
11.2 Yacht berths without facilities
11.3 Yacht club, Sailing club
12 Mole (with berthing facility)
13 Quay, Wharf
14 Pier, Jetty
15 Promenade pier
16 Pontoon
17 Landing and launching
18 Steps, Landing stairs
19.1 Designation of berth
19.2 Visitors' berth
19.3 Dangerous cargo berth
20 Dolphin
21 Deviation dolphin
22 Minor Post or Pile
23 Slipway
Cale de halage
Patent slip (Marine railway)
24 Gridiron, Scrubbing grid
25 Dry dock, Graving dock
26 Floating dry dock
27 Non-tidal basin, Wet dock
28 Tidal basin, Tidal harbour
Floating oil barrier, Log pond
Ice boom

29.2 Oil retention (high pressure pipe)
30 Works on land (with year date)
31 Works at sea, Area under reclamation (with year date)
32 Works under construction (with year date)
33 Ruin
Ruined pier partly submerged at high water
34 Hulk
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